Studio vase, Imaemon XIV

$ 4,500.00

Modern studio vase by Imaizumi Imaemon, a National Living Treasure and descendant of the Arita-based family of painters allied closely with the porcelain makers of the Nabeshima clan's kilns.  Born in 1962, and eventually designated Imaemon XIV, he modernized the Imaemon painting tradition through such techniques as fukiumi (blown cobalt spray) and usuzumi (blown light-charcoal spray), a combination of the two sprays fuki-gasane and painting green enamel in surrounding areas.  This vase went through nine separate firings.  The pristine white neck and upper portion are delicately incised to create a faint, translucent pattern.  Usuzumi base.   7-1/2” high. 4-1/2” diameter.


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