About Us

Sora Ceramics, LLC,  presents Japanese pottery and porcelains--possibly holding a seasonal blossom or berry-- to enhance gracious spaces in your home or office. As interior designer Chad Grace writes, “Every room, no matter what, needs a touch of Asian.”

Look here for everyday pieces, collectible items, and museum-worthy connections with history. Let a Japanese bowl or plate focus grace at a few meaningful points in your spaces.

Sora (the sky in Japanese) holds the sky’s palette of colors: blue and white especially, but also those of refracted light at dawn, against clouds, in rain, or at dusk. My family has treasured Imari porcelains since the 1920’s. My collecting began in Japan in 1969 and has continued through two dozen trips there.

I love the astonishing similarity between the craft aesthetics of the Japanese and of the American Shakers. Both arise from artistic practices devoted to purity of form, honesty of material, and unadorned function. Ever since I first brought ceramics into my home I have placed those objects close to Shaker furniture, with remarkable effect.

A nineteenth century commentator wrote, “The grace of a Shaker chair is due to the fact that it was made by someone capable of believing that an angel might come and sit upon it.” The potters and painters of Japanese ceramics are of the same mind.

Our pieces are in good or excellent condition consistent with age, without damage, repairs or chips, or as described and depicted. Our photographs are meant to give true images of each piece.

I hope you find here just that certain touch of Asian. Or, I’ll try to help you find what you have in mind: Soraceramics@aol.com.

John W Feist for Sora Ceramics, LLC.