Kakiemon-style dish

$ 210.00

Small dish in the classic color palette of the storied Kakiemon kiln of Arita town, the first artists believed to have applied colored enamels to porcelain in Japan . The Kakiemon family kiln has produced highest quality porcelains of this distinctive style for nearly 350 years, and its products have been treasured in Japan and Europe alike.  With Kakiemon, the decoration never intrudes on the purity of the porcelain. 

This small bowl has a 26-petaled fluted shape. A single floral spray in the decorates center of the pristine white interior.  A series of persimmon-colored flowers decorate the exterior with an underglazed blue rocky landscape design at the base.  There are two, naturally occuring rim frits and a tiny "holiday" where the glaze did not fully cover.  Pre-1900.   5" (12.5 cm)  diameter.  1" (2.5 cm) high.  


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