Chinese dish

$ 325.00

Pedestal-footed serving dish, five-lobed, polychrome utilitarian faience, granular in spots.  Faint, subtle, yellow-painted rim in lotus petal shapes.  Enamel glazes of pink, yellow, pale and deep green floral and blossom motifs with ho-o bird (phoenix) perched on piney nest.  Each exterior lobe holds a cluster of grass blades in a rose underglaze.  Statuesque foot banded in double circles hold thunder and lightning design; a potter’s mark inside foot.  The piece is proud, sturdy, freely drawn; a hefty 1/8” thickness throughout.  8-7/8” diameter.  2-3/8” high overall. 1-1/8”  high foot.  Post-1900.

中国陶器 (Chinese porcelain)

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